10th Class Date Sheet 2024 All Punjab Board

Are you ready for the 10th Class Date Sheet 2024 All Punjab Board? Parents and teachers are excited about it too because it helps them guide students better. The wait is over as the Punjab Board has now released the 10th Class Exam Date Sheet 2024.

The date sheet is an important paper that shows when the exams will happen. The Tenth Class Date Sheet is not just a timetable because it is like a map that helps students figure out their studies. It is really important for planning how to study, getting ready for tests, and making a habit of studying regularly.

In this article, we will discuss about the upcoming 10th Class Date Sheet 2024 including When the Matric class exam starts, How to download the date sheet, Passing Marks, the Grading System, How to get the highest marks in the exam, and many more.

10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Punjab Board

According to the latest updates, the 10th Class Exam 2024 will start on 3rd March and will end on 18th March. Get ready by organizing your study stuff, making a study plan, and asking for help if you need it.

Matric Class Date Sheet 2024 Annual Examinations All Punjab Boards

Exam DateDay1st Time2nd TimeClass
01-03-2024FRICivicsHistory of Pakistan10th
Environmental StudiesPhysiology & Hygiene
Al-Fiqa Dars-e-Nizami GroupDress Making and Fashion Making
02-03-2024SATPunjabiUrdu Literature10th
Islamic HistoryEnglish Literature
Poultry FarmingWoodworking and Furniture Making
Food & Nutrition
Child Development & Family Living
04-03-2024MONEnglish (Compulsory)English (Compulsory)10th
05-03-2024TUEArabicGeometrical & Technical Drawing10th
BeauticianArt & Model Drawing
Computer HardwareAstronomy & Space Science
G. ScienceG. Science
07-03-2024THUElements of Home EconomicsElectrical Wiring10th
Commercial Geography
Islamic StudiesIslamic Studies
09-03-2024SATIslamiyat (Compulsory)Islamiyat (Compulsory)10th
Ethics For Non-MuslimsReligious (Non-Muslims)
11-03-2024MONMath (Arts & Science Group)Math (Arts & Science Group)10th
12-03-2024TUEPak Studies (Compulsory)Education10th
Military Science
Management for Better Home
Military ScienceGeology
Management for Better Home
Computer ScienceComputer Science
Clothing & Textiles
15-03-2024FRITranslation of the Holy QuranTranslation of the Holy Quran10th
Ikhlaqiat (Non-Muslims)
16-03-2024SATEconomicsHealth & Physical Education10th
GeographyRepair & Maintenance
18-03-2024MONUrdu (Compulsory)Urdu (Compulsory)10th

10th Class Annual Examination Admission Schedule 2024

Single Fee Date15th November to 22th December
Double Fee Date23th December to 05th January
Trip Fee Date06th January to 13th January
10th Class Admission Schedule 2024 Exam

10th Class 1st Annual Exam 2024 Time Table Schedule

The morning session will start at 8:30 AM, and the evening session will begin at 1:30 PM. On Fridays, the evening session will start at 2:30 PM.

Practical papers Scheduled for 2024 for All Punjab Boards

Practical exams will be conducted in three batches. The first one from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM, the second from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, and the third from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

Matric Class Exam 2024 Fee Schedule Regular Students

Details9th Class10th Class9th & 10th Class
Science GroupRs- 700/Rs- 700/Rs- 1400/
Arts With PracticalRs- 700/Rs- 700/Rs- 1400/
Arts Without PracticalRs- 650/Rs- 650/Rs- 1350/

10th Class Exam 2024 Fee Schedule for Private Students

Details9th Class10th Class9th & 10th Class
Science GroupRs- 750/Rs- 750/Rs- 1500/
Arts With PracticalRs- 750/Rs- 750/Rs- 1500/
Arts Without PracticalRs- 700/Rs- 700/Rs- 1400/

10th Class Exam 2024 Passing Marks Punjab Board

To pass the ten class 1st annual exam 2024, students must achieve a minimum of 33% in each subject. For instance, if a subject in the 10th Class Exam has a maximum score of 100 marks, students need to score at least 33 marks in that subject to pass.

10th Class Grade System 2024 All Punjab Board

Marks Range Grade
90-100 A+
87-89 A
82-86 B+
77-81 B
70-76 C+
60-69 C
50-59 D+
40-49 D
33-39 E
32 & below F

Matric Class 10th Class Examination Policy BISE All Punjab Boards

Here is the Matric Class 10th Class Examination Policy for all Punjab Boards:

General guidelines:

  • The exams are conducted by the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education in all districts of Punjab.
  • The exams are held in March.
  • The registration process usually starts in November of the preceding year.
  • Students can register online or through their schools.


  • To be eligible for the 10th class exams, students must have passed the 9th class exams from a recognized board. There is no minimum age requirement for appearing in the exams.


  • The compulsory subjects for the 10th class exams are Urdu, English, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, and Science.
  • Students can also choose one or two elective subjects from a list that includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and Home Economics.

Paper pattern:

  • Each paper is divided into two sections: objective and subjective.
  • The objective section consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and carries 40% of the total marks.
  • The subjective section includes short answer and long answer questions and carries 60% of the marks.
  • The duration of each paper is 3 hours.

Marking scheme:

  • The marking scheme for each subject is provided by the BISE and is strictly followed by the examiners. The minimum passing marks for each subject are 33%, and the minimum aggregate passing marks are 40%.


  • The results of the 10th class exams will be announced in August. Students can check their results online or through their schools.

Recounting and rechecking:

  • Students can apply for a recount or recheck of their results if they are not satisfied with their marks. There is a fee for applying for a recount or recheck.

SSC 1st Annual Examination 2024 Paper Pattern All Punjab Board

Here are general guidelines for the 2024 SSC exams across all Punjab boards:

General Pattern:

  • Subjects: Urdu, English, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Science, and one or two elective subjects chosen from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, or other optional subjects offered by your specific board.
  • Paper Format: Each paper divided into objective (MCQs) and subjective sections.
  • Marks Distribution: Objective section carries 40% marks, subjective section carries 60% marks.
  • Paper Duration: Typically 3 hours for each paper.

Possible Variations:

  1. Some boards might offer slightly different weightage to objective and subjective sections, but the overall ratio stays around 40:60.
  2. The number of MCQs and types of subjective questions (short answer, long answer) might vary slightly between boards and subjects.
  3. Some boards might have specific requirements for certain elective subjects, like practical exams for science subjects.

10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Punjab Board Science Group

Exam DateDaySubject (1st Time)Subject (2nd Time)Class
04-03-2024MONEnglish (Compulsory)English (Compulsory)10th
06-03-2024WEDChemistry & G. ScienceChemistry & G. Science10th
08-03-2024FRIPhysics & Islamic StudiesPhysics & Islamic Studies10th
09-03-2024SATIslamiyat (Compulsory)Islamiyat (Compulsory) & Religious (Non-Muslims)10th
11-03-2024MONMath (Arts & Science Group)Math (Arts & Science Group)10th
12-03-2024TUEPak Studies (Compulsory)Pak Studies (Compulsory)10th
14-03-2024THUBiology & Computer ScienceBiology & Computer Science10th
15-03-2024FRITranslation of Holy QuranTranslation of Holy Quran & Ikhlaqiat (Non-Muslims)10th
18-03-2024MONUrdu (Compulsory)Urdu (Compulsory)10th

10th Class Date Sheet Al Punjab Board 2024 Arts Group

Exam Date1st Time Subject2nd Time SubjectDayClass
01-03-2024Civic/N.E.WHistory of Pakistan/N.E.WFRI10th
04-03-2024English (Compulsory)English (Compulsory)MON10th
07-03-2024Elements of Home EconomicsN.E.WTHU10th
09-03-2024Islamiyat (Compulsory)Islamiyat (Compulsory) & Religious (Non-Muslims)SAT10th
11-03-2024Math (Arts & Science Group)Math (Arts & Science Group)MON10th
12-03-2024Pak Studies (Compulsory)Pak Studies (Compulsory)TUE10th
15-03-2024Translation of Holy QuranTranslation of Holy Quran & Ikhlaqiat (Non-Muslims)FRI10th
18-03-2024Urdu (Compulsory)Urdu (Compulsory)MON10th

How to Prepare for the 10th Class Annual Exams 2024 To Score Best Marks

To achieve the best marks in your 10th class annual exams 2024, consider the following preparation tips:

  1. Start early and make a study schedule: Start early, plan your study schedule wisely. Don’t cram at the last minute. Stick to your plan and cover topics gradually for better understanding.
  2. Know what to study: Learn about what you need to study for each subject. This means understanding the topics that will be in the exams and how much they count. Also, know how the exams are set up, like how many questions there are and how they are marked. This info will help you plan your study time better.
  3. Get your study stuff ready: Get all the things you need for studying, like books, notes, and old exam papers. Make sure these materials match what you’re supposed to learn in your school. Use online tools, videos, and quizzes that match your study plan.
  4. Understand, don’t just memorize: Don’t just memorize stuff without understanding it. Focus on really getting what each idea means. Take notes and ask yourself questions about the material. This will help you use what you know in different kinds of questions.
  5. Practice with old exams: Use old exams and practice exams to get used to the format and types of questions you might see. This will help you figure out what you’re good at and what you need to work on. It also helps you manage your time better during the real exams.
  6. Study with friends: Study with your friends or classmates. This can help you stay interested, share helpful stuff, and test each other. Talk about hard things, explain ideas to each other, and quiz each other with practice questions.

About All Punjab Board

This region formed a part of British India before joining Pakistan in 1947. Its educational system is administered by nine BISE spread across different districts.


The 10th Class exam schedule 2024 is more than just a timetable; it’s a guide to success. Equip yourself with dedication, smart planning, and a commitment to doing your best.

As you go through this academic journey, keep in mind that your future is as promising as your determination. Step into this adventure with confidence, and may success always be with you. Best of luck.


When did the 10th Class exams for all Punjab boards take place?

All Punjab boards conducted their 10th Class exams between March 1st and March 18th, 2024.

Where can I access the archived date sheets for each Punjab board?

Each board has its website where you can find archived date sheets:
BISE Lahore Board: https://www.biselahore.com/
BISE Faisalabad Board: http://www.bisefsd.edu.pk/.

When were the 10th Class results announced for each Punjab board?

The results for the 10th Class Punjab Board exams were announced on July 24th, 2024.

How can I access my 10th Class results for my specific Punjab board?

Visit the website of your respective board and use your roll number to check your results.

Are there any options for re-evaluation or scrutiny of results for any Punjab board?

Yes, each board offers re-evaluation and scrutiny options with specific procedures and deadlines.

When will registration for the next 10th Class session start for different Punjab boards?

While exact dates have been not announced, registration typically opens a few months before the exams, usually in September or October.

Where can I find study materials and resources for the next 10th Class exams for Punjab boards?

Several online platforms offer resources like study guides, past year papers, and practice questions.

Are there any important changes or updates to be aware of for the next 10th Class session in Punjab?

Each board may have individual updates. Stay informed by regularly checking your respective board’s website for any changes in syllabus, exam format, or other important information for the next year.