9th Result 2024 BISE Abbottabad Board

Are you excitedly anticipating the 9th Result 2024 BISE Abbottabad Board? The anticipation is now over since BISE Abbottabad has officially announced the 9th class result date. This is an important time for all the students who took the exams.

The BISE Abbottabad Board SSC Part 1 is a big achievement for students. It shows the end of their effort and commitment during the school year. As the date for the result gets closer, students and their families feel a mix of feelings – they are excited, a bit anxious, and full of hope.

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the BISE Abbottabad Board 9th Class Result Date and Time, how to check your grades online, passing marks, grading system and more things we’ve got you covered.

BISE Abbottabad Board Class 9th Result 2024 Date

The eagerly awaited Abbottabad Board 9th Class Result 2024 will be announced on 15th August. On this day, students will be able to check their results and see the fruits of their hard work.

How to Check 9th Result 2024 BISE Abbottabad Board Online

  • Visit the official BISE Abbottabad Board website.
  • Navigate to the Results section.
  • Select 9th Class Result 2024.
  • Enter your roll number and other required details.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Your result will be displayed on the screen.
  • Take a screenshot or printout for future reference.

9th Result 2024 Abbottabad Board Check by Roll Number

To check by BISE Abbottabad Board Result 2024 Roll Number, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Official Website of the Abbottabad Board.
  • Look for the Result section on the website homepage.
  • Select 9th Class Result 2024.
  • Enter your roll number.
  • Click on the Submit button to check your result.
  • When your result is displayed, you can save a digital copy for your records or take a printout.
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BISE Abbottabad Board 9th Result 2024 Check by Name

To check the BISE Abbottabad Board 9th Class 1st Annual Result 2024 by name you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website of BISE Abbottabad.
  2. Locate the Result Section on the website.
  3. Select 9th Class Result 2024.
  4. Enter your full name as it appears on your admit card.
  5. Click on the submit button to view your result.

9th Result BISE Abbottabad Board Check by SMS

To check the BISE Abbottabad Board Result 2024 via SMS, follow these steps:

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • In the message body, type your 9th class examination roll number.
  • Send the SMS to 8583.
  • After sending the SMS, you will receive an automated response containing your 9th class result details.

Check 9thh Class Result Through Gazette Abbottabad Board

To check the 9th class result by Gazette of the Abbottabad Board, you typically need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the Abbottabad Board’s official website
  • Download the 9th Class Result PDF Gazette.
  • Open the PDF and use the search function to find your roll number.
  • Once you locate your roll number, check the grades or marks associated with it.
  • Save the PDF or print it for your records.

9th Class Passing Marks BISE Abbottabad Board

To pass the 9th class examination conducted by the BISE Abbottabad Board, you need to score at least 33% marks in each subject. If you don’t achieve this minimum percentage, you might be considered as having failed that subject.

9th Class 2024 Grading System BISE Abbottabad Board

Here’s a general outline of a typical grading system that might be used by BISE Abbottabad Board for the 9th class exams 2024:

Percentage of Marks Grade Marks Representing
80% and above A-1 880 and above
70% – 79% A 770 – 879
60% – 69% B 660 – 769
50% – 59% C 550 – 659
40% – 49% D 440 – 549
Below 40% E 439 and below

9th Class Result 2024 Rechecking and Revaluation Process Abbottabad Board

  • Rechecking Process: In the rechecking process, the board reviews your answer sheets to ensure that all questions are marked and calculated correctly. If any discrepancies are found, your marks will be updated accordingly.
  • Revaluation Process: Revaluation involves a more thorough review of your answer sheets. Marks are re-calculated, and the examiner checks if any questions have been overlooked or under-evaluated.

How to apply for Rechecking of marks for 9th Result 2024?

To apply for the rechecking of marks for the 9th class result of 2024, follow these steps:

  1. Get the Form: Go to the official Abbottabad Board website. Look for a section related to results, rechecking, or exams. Download the form for requesting a marks recheck.
  2. Complete the Form: Fill in the form carefully and accurately. Include your name, roll number, contact details, and the subjects you want rechecked. Clearly explain why you’re requesting a recheck.
  3. Attach the Fee: Check the official rechecking fee and attach it to the form. You can usually find this fee on the form or website.
  4. Prepare Documents: Make copies of your original result card or mark sheet. Attach these copies to your application. This helps confirm your original marks against the rechecked ones.
  5. Submit the Application: Visit the designated office where you can submit the form. Give them the completed form, attached copies, and the fee. Keep a copy of the form for yourself.
  6. Get Confirmation: After submitting, you might receive a receipt. This proves you applied for a recheck. The receipt might also have details about when rechecking results will be available.

9th Class Supplementary 2024 BISE Abbottabad Board

There are no supplementary exams for the 9th class students who did not pass certain subjects and they will need to clear those subjects when they appear for the 10th class exams.

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Services Provided by BISE Abbottabad Board After 9th Result

After the announcement of the 9th class results, the BISE Abbottabad Board typically offers various services to assist students in their educational journey. These services might include:

  • Rechecking and Revaluation: If students are unsatisfied with their results, they can apply for rechecking or revaluation of their answer sheets. This allows them to ensure that their papers have been check accurately.
  • Result Cards: The board provides official result cards that detail the student’s performance in each subject. These cards are often need for admission into higher classes or educational institutions.
  • Transcripts and Certificates: Students can obtain transcripts and certificates showing their overall academic performance in the 9th class. These documents are often need for college admissions or other educational purposes.


The 9th Result 2024 BISE Abbottabad Board is a meaningful occasion that shapes your academic future. Whether you excel or encounter difficulties, keep in mind that this is just a part of your learning journey. Embrace the lessons, aim for ambitious goals, and keep working towards excellence.


When will the 9th Result 2024 BISE Abbottabad Board be announced?

The 9th Result 2024 BISE Abbottabad Board will be announced on 22nd August at 6:00 pm.

How can I check my 9th Result Abbottabad Board?

You can check your 9th Result for Abbottabad Board online on the official BISE Abbottabad website or through SMS.

What is the official website of BISE Abbottabad for result updates?

The official website of BISE Abbottabad for result updates is www.biseatd.edu.pk.

What details do I need to check the 9th Result online?

To check the 9th Result online, you’ll need your roll number.

Can I receive my 9th Result via SMS?

Yes, you can receive your 9th Result via SMS by sending your roll number to 8583 provided by the board.

Are there any passing criteria for the 9th Result BISE Abbottabad?

Yes, the passing criteria for the 9th Result in BISE Abbottabad typically require students to score at least 33% marks in each subject.

What should I do if there’s an error in my 9th result?

If there’s an error in your 9th result, you should immediately contact the BISE Abbottabad office for correction procedures.

Can I apply for rechecking or re-evaluation of my 9th Result?

Yes, you can apply for rechecking or re-evaluation of specific subjects in your 9th Result by following the board’s guidelines and deadlines.