9th Class Result 2024 BISE Mardan Board

Are you excited about the 9th Class Result 2024 BISE Mardan Board? The extended wait is over as the board is preparing to reveal the results. This is an important time for students who put in dedicated efforts throughout the year.

The 9th Class Result holds great importance in every student’s education journey. While you anticipate the results, remember that this is merely a part of your continuous learning path. Irrespective of the outcome, take pride in your commitment and effort.

In this article, we will discuss all the important information you need about to upcoming results. Stay tuned to learn about BISE Mardan Board 9th Result 2024, how to check your result online, passing marks, grading system and important FAQs.

BISE Mardan Board 9th Class Result Date and Time

The BISE Mardan Board 9th Class Result will be declared on August at 6:00 pm. Stay prepared and keep your roll number close to swiftly access your results as soon as they’re out.

How to Check 9th Class Result 2024 BISE Mardan Board Online

To check your result online, follow these simple given steps:

  1. Visit the official BISE Mardan Board website.
  2. Navigate to the Results section.
  3. Select the 9th Class Result 2024.
  4. Enter your roll number and other required details.
  5. Click on the Submit button. Your result will be displayed on the screen.
  6. Remember to save or print it for future reference.

9th Result 2024 Mardan Board Check by Roll Number

To check the 9th class result Mardan Board 2024 using your roll number:

  • Visit the official BISE Mardan Board website.
  • Look for the results section on the homepage.
  • In the Results section, find and select the 9th Class Result 2024.
  • On the result page type your unique roll number accurately into the provided field.
  • After entering your roll number, click on the Submit or Check Result button.
  • You can either save it as a PDF or take a screenshot for your records.
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9th Class Result 2024 Mardan Board check by Name

To Check Mardan Board Result 2024 9th Class by Name using a student’s name, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Mardan Board.
  • Look for the Results section on the website’s homepage.
  • Choose 9th Class class 2024 or a similar option from the list of examinations.
  • Instead of entering a roll number, you’ll have the option to enter the student’s full name.
  • The result will be displayed on the screen. You’ll see subject-wise marks, grades, and other relevant information.
  • If desired, you can print the result for your records or download it for future reference.

9th Class Result Mardan board 2024 Check by SMS

To check the BISE Mardan Board Result 2024 via SMS, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • Compose a new message in the messaging app.
  • In the message body, type your roll number.
  • Send the SMS to 8583.
  • After sending the SMS, you’ll receive a reply message from the Mardan Board containing your 9th Class Result.

BISE Mardan Board 9th Class Result Check by Gazette

To check the 9th Class Result for BISE Mardan Board through a Gazette, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of the BISE Mardan Board using your web browser.
  • Look for the Results section on the website’s homepage and click on it.
  • Choose 9th Class Result 2024 from the list of examinations.
  • Within the result section, you might find a link or option related to the Gazette. Click on that link.
  • You can either download the Gazette PDF or view it directly on the website.
  • Open the downloaded Gazette.
  • Use the search function to find your roll number or name.
  • Note down your subject-wise marks, grades, and other relevant information from the Gazette.

9th Class Passing Marks BISE Mardan Board

To pass a subject, students must achieve a minimum of 33% of the total marks allocated for that subject. For example, if a subject has 100 marks, students need at least 33 marks to pass.

BISE Mardan Board Class 9th Grading System 2024

Here’s a general representation of the grading system that might be used in BISE Mardan for Class 9th:

Percentage of MarksGradeMarks RepresentingDescription
80% and aboveA – 1880 and aboveOutstanding
70% – 79%A770 – 879Excellent
60% – 69%B660 – 769Very Good
50% – 59%C550 – 659Good
40% – 49%D440 – 549Fair
Below 40%E439 and belowSatisfactory (Minimum Passing Marks)

9th Class Result Rechecking and Revaluation Process BISE Mardan Board

  • Rechecking Process: During rechecking, the board checks if all the marks have been added up correctly and if there are any mistakes in the calculation. They don’t reevaluate the actual answers.
  • Revaluation Process: In revaluation, the board reexamines the student’s answers to ensure the marks given are right. If there are any errors in the initial marking, they fix them to make sure the marks are accurate.

How to apply for Rechecking of marks for 9th Result 2024?

To apply for the rechecking of marks for the BISE Mardan SSC Part 1 Result, follow these steps:

  • Visit Official Website: Go to the Mardan Board’s official website.
  • Download Application Form: Download the rechecking application form from the website.
  • Fill Out Form: Complete the form with accurate information. Include your name, roll number, contact details, and any other required info.
  • Attach Documents: Attach necessary documents like a copy of your result card or mark sheet to the filled form.
  • Pay Fee: Pay the rechecking fee as mentioned by the board. Details about the fee and payment methods are available on the form or website.
  • Submit Application: After completing the form, attaching documents, and paying the fee, submit your application.

9th Class Supplementary BISE Mardan Board

In BISE Mardan, if a 9th class student fails in a subject during their exams, they don’t have separate supplementary exams. Instead, they get another chance to retake that subject with lower passing marks. This helps students to focus on the subject they found difficult and hopefully pass it this time.

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Services Provided by BISE Mardan Board After 9th Class 1st Annual Result 2024

After the 9th class result is declared by BISE Mardan, they offer these helpful services:

  • Result Cards: BISE Mardan issues result cards to all exam-takers. These cards detail subject-wise marks, grades, and other important information.
  • Rechecking and Revaluation: If students aren’t satisfied with their results, BISE Mardan allows them to apply for rechecking and revaluation. This lets students verify their marks for accuracy.
  • Online Result Verification: The board’s website enables students to conveniently verify their results online.
  • Document Issuance: For students needing duplicate result cards or certificates, the board offers clear procedures to obtain these documents.
  • Notifications: BISE Mardan keeps students informed about changes or additional services through its official website and other communication channels.

History About BISE BISE Mardan Board

The BISE Mardan holds a notable place in education. Created to manage secondary and intermediate education, BISE Mardan has greatly influenced its region’s academic scene.

BISE Mardan’s history dates back to its formation, focused on conducting exams fairly and efficiently while implementing educational policies. The board’s inception reflects a dedication to upholding education quality and standards.

BISE Mardan Board Jurisdictions

BISE Mardan Board has specific areas under its control. These areas are:

  1. Mardan District
  2. Sawabi District
  3. Nowshera District
  4. Charsadda District

This is where BISE Mardan handles things like exams and results for schools and colleges. But keep in mind, these areas might change, so it’s good to check their official info.

BISE Mardan Board Contact & Address Detail

OrganizationBISE Mardan
AddressG.T Road, Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Phone(0937) 9230279
WebsiteBISE Mardan Board


The 9th Class Result 2024 BISE Mardan Board is an important deal for students. It shows how hard you’ve worked this year. While you wait for the results, stay patient and positive. Remember, your grades aren’t everything there are many paths to success.


When will the 9th Class Result 2024 Mardan Board be announced?

The 9th class result will be announced on 22nd August at 6:00 pm.

How can I check my BISE Mardan Board 9th Class Result 2024 online?

Visit the official board website and enter your roll number.

Are there any alternative ways to check the 9th class result Mardan Board?

Yes, you can also check via SMS by sending your roll number to 8583.

What are the passing criteria for the 9th class exams BISE Mardan?

Generally, students need to secure at least 33% marks in each subject to pass.

Can I apply for rechecking or re-evaluation of my 9th class exam papers?

Yes, you can apply for rechecking within 15 days after the result is announced.

What should I do if there is an error in my 9th class result BISE Mardan?

Contact the board’s examination department for corrections.

Are the 9th class result gazettes available offline?

Yes, you can get the result gazette from the board office.

How does the BISE Mardan 9th class result impact future admissions?

The result is important for admissions to higher classes and colleges. Good grades can enhance your prospects.