1st Year Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board

If you are a student anxiously waiting for the 1st Year Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board, your wait is coming to an end. The BISE Bahawalpur Board is all set to release their 11th class result 2024.

This result is a big deal for students in the region because it marks the completion of your first year in higher secondary education and paves the way for your future academic path.

The 1st Year Result is really important for students. It shows how well they did in their studies. Colleges and universities often look at these results when deciding who to admit to their programs. So, getting good grades in the 1st Year exams is really important for a student’s future studies.

In this post, we will provide you with all the essential information regarding the upcoming BISE Bahawalpur Result 2024, including the BISE Bahawalpur Board 1st Year Result Date and Time, How to Check Bahawalpur Board Result Online, Passing Marks, Grading System, and much more.

1st Year Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board Date

The BISE Bahawalpur Board 1st Year Result 2024 will be available on October 10th at 10:00 a.m. Remember to mark this date on your calendar and have your roll number ready to check your results quickly and easily.

BISE Bahawalpur Board 11th Class Result Date and Time – Overview

Class1st Year (11th Class)
BoardBISE Bahawalpur Board
Result DateOctober 10, 2024
Exam TypeAnnual
Academic Year2024
Passing MarksAt least 33% in each subject
Total MarksMaximum of 550
Result CheckingAvailable by name, SMS, Roll number, and Gazette

How to Check 11th Class Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board Online

To check the 11th class result BISE Bahawalpur Board, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of the Bahawalpur Board.
  • Navigate to the results section.
  • Select the 1st year result 2024.
  • Enter your roll number and other required details.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Your result will be displayed on the screen.
  • You can either take a printout of the result or save it for future reference.

Ways to Check BISE Bahawalpur Board 11th Class 1st Year Result 2024

To check the BISE Bahawalpur Board 11th Class (1st Year) Result 2024, you have several options. Here are the ways you can check your result:

  • By Roll Number
  • Using Your Name
  • Via SMS Service
  • Through Gazette

11th Result 2024 Bahawalpur Board Check by Roll Number

To Check Bahawalpur Board 11th Result 2024 by Roll Number, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official BISE Bahawalpur Board website.
  • Navigate to the results section.
  • Select 1st year result 2024.
  • Enter your roll number and other required details.
  • Click on submit to view your result.
  • Your result will shown on the screen.

Bahawalpur Board 1st Year Result 2024 Check By Name

To check the 1st Year (11th Class) Result 2024 Bahawalpur Board by name, follow these steps:

  • Go to the BISE Bahawalpur official website.
  • Look on the homepage for the results or results Online section.
  • Choose the 1st Year (11th Class) result for 2024.
  • Provide your full name as per your examination records instead of a roll number.
  • Click the submit or check result button to see your 1st Year result.
  • If needed, print or save the result as a PDF.

1st Year Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board Check By SMS

To check the BISE Bahawalpur Board Result 2024 via SMS, follow these steps:

  1. Compose a new SMS on your mobile phone.
  2. In the message body, type your roll number.
  3. Send this SMS to the 800298.
  4. You will receive an SMS reply with your 1st Year (11th Class) result.
  5. Review the SMS carefully to verify your result.

Check BISE Bahawalpur Board 11th Result 2024 Through Gazette

To check the BISE Bahawalpur Board 11th Class Result through the Gazette, follow these steps:

  • Visit Your Educational Institution: Go to your school or college where you appeared for the 11th class exams.
  • Inquire About the Gazette: Ask the school or college authorities for access to the official Gazette published by the BISE Bahawalpur Board.
  • Search for Your Result: Look for the section or page in the Gazette that contains the 11th class results for the year 2024.
  • Find Your Name or Roll Number: Scan through the Gazette to locate your name or roll number among the listed results.
  • Record Your Result: Once you find your result, note down your subject-wise marks and your overall grade or percentage.

11th Class Result 2024 Bahawalpur Board Passing Marks

To pass the 1st year result 2024 Bahawalpur Board, students need to score at least 33% in each subject. For example, if a subject in the 11th Class Exam has a maximum of 100 marks, students must earn a minimum of 33 marks in that subject to pass.

BISE Bahawalpur Board 11th Class Result 2024 Grading System

The grading system for the BISE Bahawalpur Board 11th Class Result typically follows as:

Marks Range Grade
90-100 A+
87-89 A
82-86 B+
77-81 B
70-76 C+
60-69 C
50-59 D+
40-49 D
33-39 E
32 & below F

11th Class Exam Paper 2024 Rechecking and Revaluation Process BISE Bahawalpur Board

The process of rechecking and revaluation for the 11th Class Exam Paper in 2024 with the BISE Bahawalpur Board allows students to request a review of their exam papers for possible errors or missed marks.

Both processes can potentially change your final exam score. However, keep in mind that there might be fees and deadlines associated with these requests, so it’s essential to follow the board’s guidelines for applying.

How to Apply for 11th Class Exam Paper 2024 Rechecking and Revaluation Process BISE Bahawalpur Board?

To apply for the rechecking and revaluation process for the 11th Class Exam Paper 2024 with the BISE Bahawalpur Board, follow these steps:

Obtain the Application Form: Visit the official website of BISE Bahawalpur Board or your educational institution to download the rechecking and revaluation application form. You may also be able to get a physical copy of the form from the board’s office or your school/college.
Fill Out the Application Form: Complete the application form with accurate and relevant information. Clearly specify which subjects’ papers you want to recheck or reevaluate.
Attach Required Documents: Depending on the board’s instructions, you may need to attach photocopies of your original result card and any other necessary documents.
Pay the Fee: There is usually a fee associated with the rechecking and revaluation process. Check the official website or contact the board for the current fee structure. Pay the fee as per the board’s instructions. This may involve visiting a designated bank or using online payment methods.
Submit the Application: Submit the filled-out application form along with the required documents and fee payment receipt to the BISE Bahawalpur Board office. Ensure you meet the application deadline set by the board.

11th Class Supplementary Exam 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board

In the BISE Bahawalpur Board, if 11th grade students fail some subjects in their exams, they can’t take extra exams. They need to study and pass those subjects when they move to the 12th grade.

11th Class 2nd Annual Exam 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board

In the 11th class, there are no retakes for exams. If 11th-grade students fail specific subjects, they can’t have additional or supplementary exams for those subjects.

Service After 11th Class Result 2024 By Bahawalpur Board

After the BISE Bahawalpur HSSC Part I result 2024 are announced, several services and options are typically available to students:

  1. Result Cards: Students can collect their official result cards from their educational institutions, which provide a detailed breakdown of their subject-wise marks and overall grade.
  2. Rechecking and Revaluation: If students believe there are errors in the grading or marking, they can apply for rechecking or revaluation of their exam papers to ensure accuracy.
  3. Career Counseling: Many educational institutions and boards offer career counseling services to help students plan their academic and career paths after 11th grade.
  4. Higher Education Guidance: Students can seek guidance on higher education options, including universities and colleges, and the admission process for various courses.
  5. Transcripts and Certificates: Students can request official transcripts and certificates for college or university admissions.
  6. Online Access: The results are often available online for easy access, allowing students to check their results from the comfort of their homes.
  7. Helpline and Support: Boards typically provide helplines or support services to address any queries or concerns students may have regarding their results or academic future.
  8. Academic Planning: Students can plan their course selections for the 12th grade based on their 11th-grade results and career aspirations.

History About BISE Bahawalpur Board

The BISE Bahawalpur Board is a place that takes care of exams for students in the Bahawalpur region of Pakistan. It was made to make sure students are tested fairly and their results are kept safe.

It started its work in 1977. The board helps students from schools and colleges with their exams and gives them their exam results. This way, students can move ahead with their studies and plans for the future.

Jurisdiction Under BISE Bahawalpur Board

The BISE Bahawalpur Board has authority over a specific area in Pakistan known as its jurisdiction. This area includes:

  • Bahawalpur District
  • Bahawalnagar District
  • Rahim Yar Khan District

The board is responsible for conducting examinations and managing educational matters within this geographical region.

BISE Bahawalpur Board Contact and Email Address

Contact Information
Official WebsiteBISE Bahawalpur Board
AddressBoard of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Bahawalpur
Cheema Town, Bahawalpur
Phone Number+92-62-9255497, +92-62-9255498
Email Addressinfo@bisebwp.edu.pk
chairman@bisebwp.edu.pk (For Chairman’s Office)
secy@bisebwp.edu.pk (For Secretary’s Office)


The 1st Year Result 2024 BISE Bahawalpur Board is a crucial milestone in every student’s academic journey. It opens doors to numerous opportunities for higher education and career development.

Regardless of the outcome, remember that success is a journey, and this result is just one step along the way. Get ready to check your 1st Year Results and take the next steps toward achieving your academic and career aspirations.