2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Faisalabad Board

Are you eagerly anticipating the 2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Faisalabad Board? Your wait is now at an end as the board is all set to reveal the 2nd year result. With the academic year wrapping up, students, parents, and educators in Faisalabad are filled with anticipation to discover the results that reflect their diligent efforts.

The 2nd Year Result is incredibly important for students, parents, and educators. In this particular year, the BISE Faisalabad Board has been committed to conducting exams fairly and transparently, assuring precise and punctual outcome announcements.

In this post, we will provide you all the important information you need to know about upcoming 2nd Year Results including the BISE Faisalabad Board 12th Class Result Date and Time, How to check your result, passing marks, career options and many more.

BISE Faisalabad Board 2nd Year Result 2024 Date

The 2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Faisalabad Board is scheduled to be announced on 13th September at 10:00 a.m. Students can check their results on the official BISE Faisalabad Board website or by sending an SMS to 800240. It is recommended to keep your roll number handy to access your results quickly.

How to Check 12th Class Result 2024 Faisalabad Board Online

Here are steps to check BISE Faisalabad Board 12th Result 2024:

  1. Go to the official website of the Faisalabad Board.
  2. Look for section results and click on this section to proceed.
  3. In the result section select 2nd year result 2024.
  4. Enter your roll number. Your roll number is unique to you and is provided to you before the exams
  5. Click on the submit or view result button. The website will then retrieve your results from the database.
  6. Your result will be displayed on the screen, you can review your subject-wise marks and overall grade.
  7. Take a Screenshot or Note Down Details.

Ways to Check 2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Faisalabad Board

There are four ways to check BISE Faisalabad Board Inter Part 2 Result 2024:

  • By Using Roll No
  • By Name
  • Via SMS
  • Through Gazette

12th Result 2024 Faisalabad Board Check by Roll Number

  • Search Faisalabad Board‘s official website on Google.
  • Look for a results section on the website’s homepage.
  • Click on 2nd year result 2024 or similar.
  • Enter your roll number on your exam admit card.
  • Click on the submit button for your result.
  • Your marks and grades will appear on the screen.
  • Take a picture or write down your result.

2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Faisalabad Board Check by Name

Here are the simple steps to check the 2nd Year Result BISE Faisalabad Board using your name:

  • Find the official website of BISE Faisalabad Board.
  • Look for a results section on the website’s main page.
  • Find and click on 2nd Year Result 2024 or a similar option.
  • Instead of a roll number, this time you might see an option to enter your name.
  • Click on the submit button after entering your name.
  • Look for your name in the list of results displayed.
  • When you find your name, check the marks and grades associated with it.
  • Capture a screenshot or jot down your result for your records.

Faisalabad board 12th Class Result 2024 Check by SMS

Here are the simple steps to check the BISE Faisalabad Board Result 2024 via SMS:

  • Open the messaging app on your phone.
  • Start a new message like you would when sending a text.
  • In the message body, type your roll number.
  • Send the SMS to 800240.
  • Wait for a response. The board’s system will automatically process your request.
  • You will receive an SMS reply containing your 12th Class Result details, including your marks and grade.
  • Note down the result details or take a screenshot for your records.

2nd Year Result 2024 BISE FSD Board Check by Gazette

To check your 2nd Year Result BISE Faisalabad (FSD) Board using a gazette:

  • Visit the Official Website: If the Faisalabad Board provides an online gazette, visit their official website. Look for a section that contains exam results or gazettes.
  • Locate the Gazette: Once the results are published, the gazette containing the detailed list of results for all candidates should be made available. Gazettes are often published in local newspapers or on the official board’s website.
  • Find Your Roll Number: In the gazette, results are usually listed by roll numbers in ascending order. Locate the roll number that you received during your exams. You might need to browse through the pages of the gazette to find your result.
  • Note Down Your Result: Once you find your roll number, you’ll see your corresponding exam results next to it. Note down your subject-wise grades, marks, and any other relevant information.
  • Save or Print: You can take a screenshot or save the online gazette page as a PDF for your records. If the gazette is in physical form, you can photocopy or take a picture of your result for safekeeping.

12th Class Passing Marks BISE Faisalabad Board

In the BISE Faisalabad Board for 12th class exams, the passing percentage is usually around 33%. This means that students need to achieve at least 33% of the total marks in each subject to pass the exam. For example, if a subject’s total marks are 100, a student would need to score a minimum of 33 marks to successfully pass that subject.

BISE Faisalabad Board 12th Class 1st Annual Result 2024 Grading System

The grading system for the BISE Faisalabad Board’s 12th Class Result 2024 is followed as:

Marks Range Grade Grade Point
85-100 A+ 4.00
70-84 A 3.50
60-69 B 3.00
50-59 C 2.50
40-49 D 2.00
33-39 E 1.00
0-32 F 0.00

2nd Year Exam Paper Rechecking and Revaluations Process by Faisalabad Board

If you’ve received your 2nd Year exam results from the Faisalabad Board and you’re not satisfied with your marks or suspect an error, you can request a recheck or revaluation of your exam papers.

How to Apply 2nd Year Exam Paper for Rechecking and Revaluations Process by Faisalabad Board?

To Apply for 2nd Year Exam Paper for the Rechecking and Revaluations Process by the Faisalabad Board follow these simple steps:

Rechecking Process:

  • You’ll need to get a rechecking application form from the Faisalabad Board’s official website or their office.
  • Fill out the form with your details and the subjects you want to have rechecked.
  • Pay the required fee for rechecking, which is typically mentioned on the form. You can usually pay this fee at a designated bank.
  • Submit the filled form along with the fee receipt to the Faisalabad Board within the specified timeframe.
  • The board will reevaluate your papers, and if there are any changes in your marks, they will inform you.

Revaluation Process:

  • Obtain a revaluation application form from the Faisalabad Board’s official website or office.
  • Complete the form, indicating the subjects you want to reevaluate.
  • Pay the revaluation fee, which is typically mentioned on the form, at the designated bank.
  • Submit the filled form with the fee receipt to the board within the specified deadline.
  • Your papers will be reevaluated by a different examiner, and any changes in marks will be communicated to you.

12th Class Supplementary Exam 2024 Faisalabad Board

The 12th Class Supplementary Exam in 2024 conducted by the Faisalabad Board is like a second chance for students who didn’t pass all their subjects in the regular exams. It’s an additional opportunity for them to clear the subjects they struggled with.

These supplementary exams are separate from the regular annual exams and are designed to help students complete their 12th class successfully. Students who need to improve their grades or pass specific subjects can appear for these supplementary exams.

How to Apply for 12th Class Supplementary Exam 2024 by Faisalabad Board?

To apply for the 12th Class Supplementary Exam 2024 by the Faisalabad Board, follow these simple steps:

  • Obtain the Supplementary Exam Application Form: Visit the official website of the Faisalabad Board or obtain the supplementary exam application form from the board’s office.
  • Fill Out the Form: Complete the application form with your personal information, including your name, roll number, and the subjects you want to appear for in the supplementary exam.
  • Pay the Exam Fee: Pay the required examination fee as specified by the Faisalabad Board. The fee details are typically mentioned on the application form.
  • Attach Fee Receipt: Include a copy of the fee payment receipt with your application form as proof of payment.
  • Submit the Application: Submit the filled-out application form along with the fee receipt to the designated location or office of the Faisalabad Board within the specified deadline.
  • Receive Admit Card: After processing your application, the board will issue an admit card, which contains important information about your supplementary exams, including dates and venues.
  • Appear for Exams: On the scheduled dates, attend the supplementary exams for the subjects you applied for.

Service Provide By Faisalabad Board After 2nd Year Result

After the announcement of the 2nd Year result by the Faisalabad Board, they provide various services to students. These services typically include:

  • Provision of Certificates: The Faisalabad Board issues original certificates to students who have successfully completed their 2nd Year examinations. These certificates are essential for further education and job applications.
  • Transcripts: Students can request transcripts of their academic records, which provide detailed information about their marks and grades in each subject.
  • Result Verification: The board offers a result verification service, allowing students or potential employers to confirm the authenticity of the results issued by the board.
  • Rechecking and Revaluation: If students have concerns about the accuracy of their marks, they can apply for rechecking or revaluation of their exam papers to ensure fairness and accuracy.
  • Migration Certificates: For students who wish to continue their education in a different region or educational institution, the board can provide migration certificates, allowing them to transfer their academic records.
  • Duplicate Certificates: In case of loss or damage to original certificates, students can request duplicate certificates from the board.
  • Online Services: The Faisalabad Board may offer online services for various processes, making it easier for students to access their results and documents without visiting the board’s office in person.

Fields of Study For Students After 12th Class

After completing the 12th class, students have a wide range of fields of study to choose from for their higher education. Some popular fields include:

  1. Engineering: This includes disciplines like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science engineering.
  2. Medicine and Healthcare: Students can pursue MBBS, BDS, nursing, pharmacy, or other healthcare-related programs.
  3. Business and Management: Fields like business administration, finance, marketing, and human resources management are popular choices.
  4. Computer Science and IT: Students can study computer science, information technology, software engineering, and cybersecurity.
  5. Science: Options include physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, leading to careers in research, academia, or applied sciences.
  6. Arts and Humanities: Fields like literature, history, philosophy, and sociology are suitable for those interested in the humanities.
  7. Commerce: Students can choose courses like B.Com, CA, CS, or CMA for careers in finance and commerce.
  8. Design and Fine Arts: This includes graphic design, fashion design, interior design, and visual arts.
  9. Social Sciences: Psychology, sociology, political science, and anthropology are examples of social science fields.
  10. Law: Aspiring lawyers can pursue LLB or other legal studies.
  11. Environmental Science: Focusing on environmental conservation and sustainable practices.
  12. Media and Communication: Fields such as journalism, mass communication, and public relations.
  13. Education: Students interested in teaching can pursue B.Ed. and other education-related degrees.
  14. Agriculture: For careers in farming, agronomy, agricultural engineering, and more.
  15. Hospitality and Tourism: Suitable for those interested in hotel management, tourism, and hospitality.
  16. Creative Arts: Including music, theater, dance, and fine arts.
  17. Engineering Technology: Technical fields like electronics, mechatronics, and telecommunications.
  18. Sports and Physical Education: For careers in sports coaching, physical education, and sports management.
  19. Culinary Arts: Suitable for aspiring chefs and culinary professionals.
  20. Aviation: For those interested in careers as pilots or aviation management.

About BISE Faisalabad Board

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Faisalabad, established in 1988, is responsible for conducting fair exams for students in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades in Faisalabad and nearby areas of Pakistan.

Its primary mission is to ensure the integrity of the examination process and issue certificates to successful students. Over time, BISE Faisalabad has adapted to technological advancements, making educational processes more efficient and accessible for students and schools.


The 2nd Year Result 2024 BISE Faisalabad Board signifies a major step in students’ educational paths. Keep in mind that while results showcase your hard work, they shouldn’t determine your value.

Regardless of whether the results match your expectations or not, let them inspire you to continue pursuing excellence. Stay tuned with us for the latest information on the result announcement date sheet and notes. I wish all students the very best for their results and their future endeavors!


How can I check my 2nd Year Result 2024 for BISE Faisalabad Board?

Visit the official website of BISE Faisalabad and enter your roll number to check your result.

What is the date for the 2nd Year Result 2024 by the BISE Faisalabad Board?

The result is will announced on 13th September at 10:00 a.m.

How do I apply for rechecking of my 2nd Year Result from BISE Faisalabad?

Obtain a rechecking form from the board’s website, fill it out, and submit it along with the required fee.

Can I request a revaluation of my 2nd Year Result from BISE Faisalabad?

Yes, you can apply for revaluation by following the board’s specified procedure.

What should I do if there is an error in my 2nd Year Result issued by BISE Faisalabad?

Contact the board’s office immediately and follow their instructions for corrections.

How can I receive a duplicate mark sheet for my 2nd Year Result from BISE Faisalabad?

You can request a duplicate mark sheet from the board by following their guidelines.

Are there supplementary exams available for those who failed their 2nd Year Result in BISE Faisalabad?

Yes, supplementary exams are typically offered by the board for students who did not pass certain subjects.

Can I check my 2nd Year Result online from BISE Faisalabad if I’ve lost my original mark sheet?

Yes, you can usually download a digital copy of your result from the board’s official website.