9th Class Result 2024 BISE Kohat Board

The wait is over It is time to reveal the much-anticipated 9th Class Result 2024 BISE Kohat Board. Students and parents have been anxiously waiting for this moment. This result is very important as it signifies a major step in each student’s academic path.

The board has been putting in a dedicated effort to gather and evaluate the results precisely. The 9th class result plays an important role in students’ academic journey because It reflects their dedication, hard work, and performance throughout year.

This result does not only determines their academic progress it also shapes their future education. In this article we will talk about BISE Kohat Board 9th Class Result Date and Time, how to check your and FAQs, ensuring you have all the information you need in one place.

9th Class Result 2024 BISE Kohat Board

The BISE Kohat Board will reveal the 9th Class Result of 2024 on August 17th. Students should stay informed by regularly checking our official website for the latest educational updates.

How to Check BISE Kohat Board 9th Result 2024

To check the Kohat Board 9th 2024, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to Official Website BISE Kohat Board.
  • Look for the Results section on their website.
  • In the results section, select 9th Class Result 2024.
  • Enter your roll number from your exam admit card.
  • Click on the search button to view your result.
  • You can save the result as a PDF or print it for your records.

9th Class Result 2024 BISE Kohat Board Check by Roll Number

Here are the steps to Check 9th Class Result BISE Kohat Board by Roll Number:

  • Visit the official BISE Kohat Board website.
  • Navigate to the Results section.
  • Select 9th Class Result 2024.
  • Enter your roll number and other required details.
  • Click on the Submit button.
  • Your result will be displayed on the screen.
  • Don’t forget to save and print your result card for future reference.
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BISE Kohat 9th Result 2024 Check by Name

Here are the general steps you can follow to SSC Part 1 BISE Kohat Board Result by Name Check:

  1. Visit the official BISE Kohat website.
  2. Look for section results.
  3. Choose 9th Class Result 2024.
  4. Instead of roll number, choose the option to search by your name.
  5. Click on the button to submit this information.
  6. The website will show your 9th class result based on the name you entered.
  7. If possible, save a copy of your result or print it.

Check Results 9th class 2024 Kohat board by SMS

Here is how you can check the BISE Kohat Board Result 2024 via SMS:

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • Create a new text message.
  • In the message body, type your Roll Number.
  • Send the message to 8583.
  • You will receive an SMS reply with your 9th class result.

BISE Kohat Board 9th Class Result 2024 Gazette

To access the BISE Kohat Board 9th Class 1st Annual Result 2024 by Gazette you can follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of the BISE Kohat board.
  • Download the 9th Class Gazette PDF.
  • Open it using a PDF viewer. If you’re viewing it online, the Gazette should open in your web browser.
  • You can use the search function (Ctrl + F) to find your name or roll number in the list.
  • Once you find your name or roll number, note down the corresponding result information.

9th Class Passing Marks BISE Kohat Board

To pass the 9th class exams with the BISE Kohat Board, students generally need to score at least 33% marks in each subject. If they get less than that in any subject, they won’t pass that particular subject.

9th Class 2024 Grading System Kohat Board

The 9th Class Grading System for the 2024 exams under the Kohat Board typically follows:

Percentage of MarksGradeMarks Representing
80% and aboveA – 1880 and above
70% – 79%A770 – 879
60% – 69%B660 – 769
50% – 59%C550 – 659
40% – 49%D440 – 549
Below 40% and minimum passing marksE439 and below

9th Class Result Rechecking and Revaluation Process BISE Kohat Board 

During rechecking, the board double checks the marks given for each question to fix any errors. If there are mistakes, they correct them. In the revaluation, a new examiner re-evaluates the whole paper, and marks might change based on their review.

How to apply for Rechecking of marks for 9th Result 2024?

To apply for the rechecking of marks for the BISE Kohat SSC Part 1 Result, follow these steps:

  1. Get Application Form: Obtain the official rechecking application form. This is available on the BISE Kohat Board’s official website or at their office.
  2. Fill Out Form: Complete the application form with necessary details. This includes personal information, your roll number, the subjects you want rechecked, and any other required information.
  3. Attach Fee: Affix the appropriate fee for each subject you’re requesting a recheck for. The fee amount is set by the board and can vary.
  4. Review Guidelines: Thoroughly read the instructions provided on the application form or the board’s website. Make sure you understand the process, rules, and deadlines.
  5. Submit Application: Hand in the filled-out application form along with the required fee at the board’s office. Ensure that you submit it within the specified timeframe.

9th Class Supplementary 2024 BISE Kohat Board

If a student fails a subject in the 9th Class Supplementary 2024 exams held by BISE Kohat Board, they’ll have another chance to pass it in the 10th class exams. This means they can retake the failed subject in the next year’s exams. If they succeed in passing it then, they can move on to the next level of education without any issue caused by the previous failure.

Services Provided by BISE Kohat Board After 9th Result

After the announcement of the 9th Class results, BISE Kohat Board offers various services to students. Some of these services include:

  • Rechecking/Re-evaluation: Students have the option to request a rechecking or re-evaluation of their exam papers if they feel there might have been an error in the marking process. This can provide them with a chance to potentially improve their marks.
  • Provision of Mark Sheets and Certificates: The board provides mark sheets and passing certificates to successful candidates. These documents are essential for admission to higher education institutions and other purposes.
  • Information about Next Steps: The board might provide information about the upcoming academic year, admission processes, and other relevant details.
  • Online Services: BISE Kohat Board may offer online portals where students can access their results, download important documents, and avail various services without visiting the board’s office in person.
  • Notifications: The board may also release notifications about important dates, changes in policies, and any updates relevant to the students.
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A Brief History About BISE Kohat Board

The BISE Kohat Board, established on 19th Jan 2002, is a pivotal educational institution located in Kohat, Pakistan. Created under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education Act, it holds a significant role in the region’s educational framework.

Districts Associated With BISE Kohat Board

The BISE Kohat Board is responsible for conducting examinations in several districts within its jurisdiction. These districts include:

  1. Kohat
  2. Karak
  3. Hangu
  4. F.R. Kohat
  5. Orakzai Agency

The board’s authority extends to these districts, ensuring the proper administration of examinations and the maintenance of educational standards in the region.


The upcoming 9th Class Result 2024 BISE Kohat Board is causing a blend of excitement and nerves. Always remember that results are only a portion of your academic voyage.

No matter the outcome, your persistent effort and commitment will keep guiding you toward success. Maintain a positive outlook and keep progressing ahead. Stay connected with us for the latest updates, and may this result be the stepping stone to a bright and promising future. All the best!


When will the 9th Class Result 2024 BISE Kohat Board be announced?

The 9th Class Result 2024 BISE Kohat Board will be announced on 22nd August at 6:00 pm.

How can I check my BISE Kohat Board 9th Class Result 2024 online?

You can check your 9th Class Result 2024 for BISE Kohat Board online by visiting the official board website and entering your roll number.

Are there any alternative ways to check the BISE Kohat 9th Class Result 2024?

Yes, you can also check your result through SMS by sending your roll number to 8583 provided by the board.

What documents do I need to access my BISE Kohat Board 9th Class Result?

You will need your roll number or registration number to access your 9th Class Result for BISE Kohat Board.

Can I download a printable version of the BISE Kohat 9th Class Result 2024 online?

Yes, you can usually download and print your result card from the official board website.

How can I apply for rechecking or re-evaluation of my BISE Kohat 9th Class Result?

Information regarding the rechecking or re-evaluation process can be obtained from the official board website or the board’s office.

What is the passing percentage for the BISE Kohat Board 9th Class Result 2024?

The passing percentage is 33% in 2024.

What should I do if there’s an error in my BISE Kohat 9th Class Result?

If you find any discrepancies in your result, contact the board authorities immediately for guidance on how to rectify the error.